How do I resolve common printer errors under AIX?

To check the status of an AIX print queue (for example, lp1):

lpstat -plp1

If the status is DOWN, try enabling the print queue:

enable lp1

If the status remains DOWN, try pinging the printer:

ping -c4 lp1

If there is no response to the pings, verify the printer’s network connection.

The best way to verify a printer is working outside of Eclipse is to test the printer with a standard Windows workstation. If you cannot print from Windows, there is a chance the printer is mis-configured. For your convenience, here are the numbers for a few common printer manufacturers:

  • HP: 800-474-6836
  • Okidata: 800-654-3282
  • Zebra: 847-913-2259

If the printer responds to pings, but immediately goes DOWN after attempting to enable the printer, try to cancel all jobs on the print queue:

cancel lp1

If the printer still goes DOWN, remove and recreate the AIX print queue:

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