How do I redirect a printer?

There are a number of different ways by which to redirect print jobs, and the method chosen is typically personal preference.

Redirecting via /etc/hosts

Editing the “lp” hostname entry in the /etc/hosts file redirects network traffic to a new IP address, effectively re-routing print jobs.

vi /etc/hosts

Find the appropriate hostname and change the IP address. Save and quit.

Redirecting via the Print Daemon Configuration

Editing the hostname to which the print daemon connects to redirects communication to a new print server, effectively re-routing print jobs.

On Linux (command line):

vi /etc/cups/printers.conf

On Linux (GUI):

  • Open System -> Administration -> Printers
  • Select the appropriate print queue
  • Change the hostname/address contained in the Device URI field
  • Click Apply

On AIX (command line):

vi /etc/qdaemon

On AIX (smit):

smit queue
  • Change / Show Print Queue Characteristics
  • Select the appropriate queue
  • Select 1 Queue Characteristics
  • Update the HOSTNAME of remote server field
  • Save and quit

Redirecting via UV Spooler Configuration

Open the UniVerse administration interface.

  • Log in as root
cd /u2/uv
  • Spooler -> Device Management –> Maintain Devices
  • Navigate to the  Driver field and update the driver name to reflect the new destination
  • Save and quit

Redirecting via UV Driver Files

Editing the queue name contained in each UV driver file will change the queue to which the UV spooler sends jobs, effectively re-routing print jobs.

vi /usr/spool/uv/

Change the queue name to match the new destination queue. Save and quit.