How do I change a printer’s IP address in Linux?

The mappings of IP addresses to “lp” names are contained in the /etc/hosts configuration file. You may modify the IP addresses for entries in the /etc/hosts files in a couple of different ways:

Command Line

  • Log into your server via PuTTY
  • Launch your favorite text editor to edit the hosts file. For example, using vim:
vim /etc/hosts
  • Locate the entry for the printer(s) you wish to change
  • Make the change
  • Save the file and quit


To view a step-by-step screencast of this process:

To change the printer’s IP address from the GUI interface:

  • Log into the GUI via any method (ie VNC, DRAC, physical console)
  • Navigate to Applications -> Accessories -> Text Editor
  • Navigate to File -> Open Location
  • Enter /etc/hosts
  • Locate the entries for the printer(s) you wish to change
  • Select Save
  • Exit