How do I access the serial console on my IBM pSeries blade?

First, verify that serial over LAN (SOL) is enabled:

  • Login to your BladeCenter’s AMM web interface
  • Select Blade Tasks -> Serial Over LAN -> Serial Over LAN Status -> Enable Serial Over LAN
  • Select Enable Serial Over LAN via the drop-down menu under Serial Over LAN Configuration -> Save
  • Enable SSH by selecting MM Control -> Security -> Enable SSH Server -> Save
  • Enable telnet by selecting MM Control -> Network Protocols -> Telnet Protocol -> Enable Telnet -> Save

Once SOL has been enabled, connect to the blade’s console:

  • Open an SSH or telnet session to the BladeCenter
  • Run the following command to set the environment the appropriate blade. For example, to set the environment to blade 1 and open a console session:
system> env -T system:blade[1]
system:blade[1]> console
Console login:
  • To exit the console, use CTRL-[ followed by SHIFT-(