Fix /dev/hdc Open Failed Message

The following message may appear when running Linux LVM management commands:

[root@eclipse ~]# lvs
/dev/hdc: open failed: No medium found
LV VG Attr LSize Origin Snap% Move Log Copy% Convert
crashplan datavg -wi-ao 10.00G
eclipse datavg owi-ao 100.00G
ereports datavg owi-ao 10.00G
lvol0 datavg swi-ao 1.00G u2 21.36
lvol1 datavg swi-ao 4.28G eclipse 61.81
lvol2 datavg swi-ao 1.00G ereports 0.53
u2 datavg owi-ao 10.00G
uvtmp datavg -wi-ao 4.00G
esupport rootvg -wi-ao 10.00G
root rootvg -wi-ao 30.00G
swap rootvg -wi-ao 8.00G

You do not need to be concerned about this message, because it typically refers to a non-LVM device (ex. a DVD-ROM drive).

To get rid of the message, you can try running: