Creating or Importing a Cisco IPSEC VPN Connection Profile

A connection profile defines the VPN server, group authentication and group password that is specific to your company.  Once you’ve installed the Cisco VPN client software there are two options to complete the setup. 

You can either create a new connection profile or you can import one (sometimes refered to as a “.pcf” file).  Below are instructions for either method.

To create a new connection profile:

  1. Open the VPN Client program.
  2. Click on the New icon.
  3. In Connection Entry: give it a name (for example Company VPN).
  4. In Host: list the public ip of your VPN server (in most cases public ip of your firewall).
  5. On the Authentication tab, enter information specific to your VPN:
    • Name: Enter the name for your IPSEC group (typically 3xclient or 4xclient but this may differ). This is case sensative.
    • Password: – Enter the group password associated with the name above. This is case-sensitive.

Note: The Eclipse Networking Team will provide Host, Group and Password if Eclipse manages your VPN.

To import a connection profile:

  1. Open the VPN Client program.
  2. Click on the Import icon.
  3. Point to the “.pcf” file.

Note: The Eclipse Networking Team can provide you with a .pcf file.  Alternatively, if you have one already setup you can locate it on your local computer in C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\Profiles and then either email it or transfer it to the new computer you are setting up.

Once the Connection Entry has been defined you simply need to connect to it using your username and password.  The Eclipse Networking Team can also provide this information if you do not have it or you need an additional username and password added.

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  1. I don’t have the software, I need to download the software to open the already created VPN account.

    1. You must log in and possess a valid service contract in order to access the Cisco VPN Client software directly from Cisco. If you do not have a contract please contact the Epicor Eclipse Wide Area Network support team by creating a service request online at or by calling the support group at 508-778-9151.

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