Change Solar Icon Account Name

During the installation of Solar on a workstation, an icon is placed on the desktop. By default, the icon will be name “Solar Eclipse – eclipse”, referencing a default account name of “eclipse”.

If you install an additional copy of Solar from another account using the same default name, the icon will be over-written.

If you would like to change this account name to something more descriptive (i.e. “train”), please follow these steps:

Log onto the Eclipse server as root.

Change to the Eclipse account’s home directory (i.e. /u2/eclipse), and then into the modules-conf subdirectory. For example:

cd /u2/eclipse/modules-conf

Edit the file, changing the default account name of “eclipse” to the new name (i.e. “train”). For example:

vi modules-conf

After making the changes, the example configuration would look similar to:


Save and close the file. You will need to restart the JBoss application server to apply the changes (please see these instructions for Linux and AIX).