How do I disable Adobe Acrobat from displaying registration prompts?

Adobe Acrobat has an annoying tendency to present registration or EULA prompts when launching the software. This is a mere annoyance to a regular user, but it can completely hang the Eclipse Forms PDF generation process and cause email and PDF archives to fail.

To prevent the issue from occurring, reinstall Acrobat using the following procedure:

  • Verify your Acrobat serial number.
  • Deregister and uninstall Acrobat.
  • Reinstall Acrobat manually using the following command (replace C:\DFG\Acrobat\AcroStan.msi with the appropriate path to the Acrobat .msi installer):
  • The Acrobat installer will launch. Enter the customer name and serial number when prompted and complete the installation.
  • Launch both Acrobat and Distiller, and you shouldn’t be presented with prompts for the EULA or registration.