Solar Java Compatibility

Q. Which version of Java should I install for compatibility with ePad and Element?

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Q. Should I install Java updates when prompted?

Yes, you should install Java updates when prompted, because Oracle often releases important security updates to the JRE. In almost every case, installing Java updates will not cause problems with Solar.

In the rare case that a Java update causes problems with the Solar client, we recommend that you first try to reinstall Solar. If performing a clean installation of Solar doesn’t resolve the issue, we recommend that you uninstall all other versions of the Java runtime environment (JRE), re-install only the JRE version that was certified with your specific release of Eclipse from the table above, and open an SR for our development team to review the issue.

Q. How do I determine which version of Java is certified for my release of Eclipse?

Please refer to the table above.

Q. Why is the version of Java on my web start page out of date?

As versions of Java with major security patches or significant features are released, the Eclipse development team integrates and tests each new version with the current version of Eclipse.

Due to the overhead involved with testing hundreds of possible combinations of Java runtime environments and Eclipse releases, the Eclipse development team only certifies the most recent Java runtime environment and Eclipse release.

Q. Is Solar compatible with Java 7?

Yes, Java 7 is bundled with Eclipse release and later, and it may be manually installed for use with earlier versions of Eclipse.