Server Move Checklist

From time to time, customers move their servers from one location to another, either physically, on the network, or both. We’ve put together the following lists based on our experience to help customers avoid common problems:

Physical Movement Checklist

  • For customers on high-end IBM servers (i.e. p570), please call IBM (800-IBM-SERV) to verify that your system can be moved without IBM intervention, because in some cases, moving the server yourself can invalidate your IBM support contract
  • Before making any changes, please follow best practices by making sure that you’ve completed a full backup (including a full system backup, mksysb, for AIX servers)
  • Make all of the changes after business hours
  • Label all of the cables attached to the server and their respective ports and take pictures, so that they can be plugged back into the proper locations after moving the server

Network (IP Address) Change Checklist

Before the move:

  • Open an SR with the Eclipse networking team ahead of time to inform them of the changes, so that they can update the Eclipse Support Access Router and support VPNs
  • Record the existing IP address(es), in case you need to roll back the changes or search for references elsewhere

During the move:

  • Change the Eclipse server’s IP address. For reference, instructions for changing the IP address on the Eclipse server:
  • Update the Eclipse server’s hostname and IP address records on your DNS server
  • Update any references to the Eclipse server’s old IP address on external hosts. For example:
    • Workstations:
      • Eterm: Configure -> Communications -> Host
      • Solar: must be re-installed from the new IP address
    • Forms:
      • In Eclipse, update the “Eclipse App Server Address” field in F2 -> F -> P -> E -> E
      • On the Forms server, update the “eclipse” entry in C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
      • On the Forms server, update the “Hostname” entry in C:\Program Files\VSI-FAX\FaxServer\lib\vsifax.ini
    • Credit Card Processor:
      • In Eclipse, update the “CC Processor Server Address” field in F2 -> F -> A -> O ->
    • Job Management:
      • In the Job Management Admin page, under the Document Imaging tab, update the “Eclipse Forms XML Directory”
    • Web Order Entry/Web Integration:
      • Update the “C:\Eclipse\FastCGI\Eclipse.ecl”
    • External Solar/JM Application Servers:
      • Update the “hostname” entry in jboss/eclipse/configuration/
    • BC-XML:
      • On the Windows server, update the “hostname” entry in jboss/eclipse/configuration/

After the move:

  • Make sure that the Eclipse server’s hostname is resolving correctly (i.e. ping it, run nslookup and make sure the new IP address is being reported)