What does Epicor need to program and ship a support router?

Epicor Eclipse Systems needs

  • 2 static LAN ip’s on your network
  • Your default gateway of your network to get to the internet

Once we have this information we can build and ship the dedidcated support router.  One local ip is used for the local interface of the Cisco, one local ip is used for nating for our Austin Data Center.

The router will sit right on your local network like a computer or any other network device. Once it arrives all you’ll have to do is plug it into the LAN.  Essentially the device works much like a vpn client negotiating securely back to us.

The reason we sell the Cisco 881 for this solution is we use a proprietary VPN developed by Cisco called DMVPN and eigrp. This allows us to securely negotiate connections back to our offices using private local ip’s behind customer firewalls.  If a customer changes that firewall or their internet connection, changes are not required to this router.

For more information please see http://kb.eclipseinc.com/kb/esar-diagram/

Questions can be directed to support by calling 508-778-9151, select the WAN group.