Setting Up a Local Attached Printer (USB)

Setting Up a Local Printer

Local printing allows you to attach a printer to a users PC, install it on their PC and allow the user to print from Eclipse as well as windows. This is not a network printer.

1. Physically attach the printer to your PC’S LPT or USB port and install the printer on your PC.

2. Login to Eclipse.

3. Select Terminal Setup from the F2-System/System Files… menu.

4. Locate your Terminal ID and place the cursor on that line. If there is not one you will need to setup a Terminal Id. This can be done by accessing the Terminal Setup screen in Eclipse. F2/F/T.

Once your ID is created, Highlight it and select ALT/S to get the Local Printer Menu


Figure 1 Local Printer Menu.

5. Under the Local Printer field hit the F10 key and select the PCL5 driver with correct amount of trays for a laser printer or Printronix for a Dot matrix printer.

6. Under the Form Loaded field hit the F10 key and select the form you desire.

  • ANY* is the most common form loaded on a local printer and means that

everything you print from Eclipse will print to your local printer even if you select another Eclipse printer..

7. Press Esc to exit the Local Printer Assignment screen and save your settings.

8. Access your Eterm Configuration screen by selecting Configure and then Communications from the grey menu bar in Eterm.


Figure 2: Configure/Communications screen.

9. Move the cursor to the ID field and type in your Terminal ID.

Note: It is important to type your User ID exactly as it appears on the Terminal Setup screen, including capitalization where appropriate.

10. Click on OK to save your changes.

11. Access the Configure/Printing menu in eterm and check off Selected Printer and then click the Select Printer tab.

This will give you the option to select the installed printer from your computers installed printers. Once selected click on OK.