IP your new Red Hat Linux server

1. Login to the server using root for the username and abc123 for the password

2. On Linux command prompt IP address is assigned by a network configuration window. This window can be invoked by selecting network configuration sub menu form setup command


3. This will launch a new window select network configurationnetwork configurations

4. Now a new window will show you all available LAN card select your LAN card ( if you don’t see any LAN card here mean you don’t have install driver).  Choose the network card you want to set (usually eth0)

select lan devices in setup

5. Assign IP in this box and click okassign ip address

6. Click on ok, quit and again quit to come back on root prompt. Whatever change you made in network configuration will not take place till you restart the LAN card

7. Now type service network restart from the prompt (see below)service network restart

8. Type ifconfig to confirm settings have changedifconfig