How do I troubleshoot VSIFAX?

You must be logged into the server as root to run these commands.

First, check the fax server status:

vfxstat -a

If you see an error similar to the following, the server is not running:

vfxstat: Cannot login: Server on not running

To start the fax server:

vfxsched start

To restart the fax server:

vfxsched restart

If the server is running, you will see output similar to the following:

[root@server ~]# vfxstat -a
server hostname     : server.localdomain
server state        : running
server startup time : 2010/03/01 15:38:19
server current time : 2010/03/01 15:38:22
server version      : 6.0.0
server buildno      : 437p20
server build info   : Linux 2.4.21-4.ELsmp #1 SMP Fri Oct 3 17:52:56 EDT 2003 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
server run info     : Linux:2.6.18-164.10.1.el5:#1 SMP Wed Dec 30 18:35:28 EST 2009:x86_64
server serial number: 960010320081535-060-5
server license mode : real
number of users     : 5
number of ports     : 4
Server load bias    : 5
Server diff bias    : 5

Default destination : fax1

Device        Jobs  Ready  Acc  Ena  Snd  Rcv  FIM   Inbox     Port
------------  ----  -----  ---  ---  ---  ---  ----  --------  ----------
FoDC             0      0  yes  no   yes  no   et    N/A
lb               0      0  yes  yes  yes  no   lb    N/A
lcr              0      0  no   no   no   no   hold  N/A
modem1           0      0  yes  no   yes  yes  cx    vsifax    /dev/ttyACM0
modem2           0      0  yes  yes  yes  yes  cx    vsifax    /dev/ttyS0
sm               0      0  yes  yes  yes  no   sm    N/A       

Class         Jobs  Ready  Acc  Snd  Members
------------  ----  -----  ---  ---  -------
fax1             0      0  yes  yes  modem1,modem2

Device       Comments              State
-----------  --------------------  -------------
FoDC         Fax on Demand         Not running [Disabled by administrator]
lb           LoopBack              Idle
lcr          LCR hold queue        Not running [Holding queue only]
modem1                       Not running [Disabled by administrator]
modem2                       Idle
sm           SendMail              Idle

This output indicates:

  • The fax server is running
  • The 6.0.0 version of fax software is installed
  • There are two modems installed:
    • modem1 is on physical port /dev/ttyACM0 (USB port)
    • modem2 is on physical port /dev/ttyS0 (serial port)
  • modem1 is disabled (Ena = no, “Disabled by administrator”)
  • modem2 is idle, waiting for a fax to be sent
  • There is a single fax class (fax1), which corresponds to the “fax1” printer in Eclipse
  • The fax1 class has two members in the modem pool (modem1, modem2)

To enable a modem:

vfxadmin enable modem1

If a modem keeps going down, check the modem log:

more $VSIFAX/spool/logs/modem1

Here is an example error message that indicates a problem with the phone line (no dialtone): EVT: <--- "NO DIALTONE"

In this case, verify that calls can be placed from the fax line using a standard analog phone.
Here is an example error message that indicates a problem with permissions on the serial port:

modem3-5: FIM: Cannot open /dev/ttyACM2: Input/output error

In this case, open permissions on the serial port and enable the modem:

chmod a+rw /dev/ttyACM2
vfxadmin enable modem3

To see a list of all submitted/sent faxes, type the following command at the command line:


If you continue to have issues with VSIFAX not running correctly, please refer to Esker’s troubleshooting¬†documentation and¬†open a case with Esker directly or with Epicor Eclipse Systems support.

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