How do I suspend or quiesce the UniVerse database?

To perform valid backups of your database, it is important to suspend the database. This prevents modifications of files during the backup process. Our standard backup script uses database suspension with snapshots to create point-in-time images of your database files, but it is also possible to perform the suspension procedure manually:

Do not forget to remove the suspension after you have completed the backup, or users will be unable to use Eclipse.
  • Log in as root
  • Run the following command to suspend the database:
uv -admin -L
  • Run the following command to validate the status of the database:
uv -admin -R
  • Run the following command to sync any cached data to disk:
  • At this point, the database files are ready for backup
  • When the backup is completed, run the following command to release the database:
uv -admin -U