How do I set the HP iLO IP address?

HP’s remote access equavalent to Dell’s DRAC is Integrated Lights Out (iLO). To setup the iLO:

  • Restart or power up the server.
  • Press the F8 key when prompted during POST. The iLO 3 RBSU runs.
  • Select Network –>DNS/DHCP, press the Enter key, and then select DHCP Enable. Press the spacebar to turn off DHCP. Be sure that DHCP Enable is set to Off, and save the changes.
  • Select Network –>NIC ->TCP/IP, press the Enter key, and enter the appropriate information in the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway IP Address fields.
  • Save the changes.
  • Exit iLO 3 RBSU. The changes take effect when you exit iLO 3 RBSU.

For further ¬†information, please see the HP iLO User’s Guide:

One thought on “How do I set the HP iLO IP address?”

  1. That doesn’t work for systems that aren’t desktops. F8 over a remote connection is problematic, and when using the serial console, HP’s stuff paradoxically enters a CLI mode, so there are no menus. The iLO CLI doesn’t have a way to set / see the iLO ip address or netmask, only the default route.

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