How do I log out an Eclipse Eterm or Solar user?

To log out an Eterm user’s session:

  • Log into the server as root
  • Display a list of logged in users with the command: who -u
  • Locate the user’s numeric process ID (PID) in the table, as highlighted in the example below:
olivera     pts/95      May 15 10:55     0:55   1102010  (
  • Log out that user with the kill -4 command, as shown in the example below:
kill -4 1102010

To log out a Solar user’s session:

  • Open the Solar web start page (ex., where is your Eclipse server’s IP address)
  • Click on theĀ Session Manager link
  • If you are warned by your browser about a potentially unsafe https connection, you should select the appropriate option to proceed
  • Log in with your Eclipse username and password
  • You may now log out the user(s) by clicking the Logout Session button