How do I authorize UniVerse on AIX?

To authorize UniVerse on AIX:

  • Log out all Eclipse users from Eterm.
  • Login to Eterm as root.
  • Stop Eclipse SYSTEM.ADMIN, JBoss and the UV database:
/u2/eclipse/modules/bin/ -k -d all
/etc/uv.rc stop
  • Update the UV authorization (replace [Install SN#] and [Auth Qty] with the numbers from the Rocket|U2 license change confirmation email)
cd /u2/uv
bin/uvregen -s [Install SN#] -u [Auth Qty]
bin/uvregen -C
  • If the above commands do not produce a 35-digit code, you can force the code to appear by changing the user count by 1 and then back.  Example, it you have 100 users, try:
    bin/uvregen -u 99
    bin/uvregen -u 100  (note this configuration code)
  • Note the resulting configuration code for the next step.
  • Open the U2TC authorization website:
  • Fill out the first page with your contact information and select UniVerse 10.2.x and higher and press Continue:
  • Fill out the next page using the information from the Rocket|U2 license change confirmation email and the configuration code from the previous steps, then press Submit. Here’s an example:
  • Note the authorization code given on the confirmation page.
  • On the Eclipse server, authorize UV (replace [authorization code]) :
bin/uvregen -A [authorization code]
  • You may confirm your license count by running the following command:
bin/uvregen -z
  • Start the UV database, Eclipse SYSTEM.ADMIN, and JBoss:
/etc/uv.rc start
/u2/eclipse/modules/bin/ -e all


How to Authorize UniVerse 10.2.0 and higher


Before you begin, it may be helpful to watch this short video, which goes over the entire process from start to finish: