Can Dell monitor my servers for hardware errors?

Yes. If you have an active Dell ProSupport contract, you may sign up for Dell Proactive Support.

Getting started with Dell™ Proactive Systems Management is a snap. And it’s available — free of charge — for qualified Dell systems covered by a current ProSupport contract.

What You’ll Need First

Before you proceed, please make sure you have the following:

  1. Your Dell MyAccount or Premier username and password; go to My Account Login to verify that you have a Dell My Account established
  2. The service tag number of a Dell server covered under an active Dell ProSupport™ contract
  3. A Windows® virtual machine or server on which to run the Proactive Systems Management proxy
  4. Administrative credentials (i.e., usernames and passwords) for the systems you plan to monitor
  5. Dell OpenManage™ Server Administrator (OMSA) installed on the systems you plan to monitor; go to for more information or to download OMSA

Quick and Simple Setup

  1. Confirm that you are a ProSupport customer.
  2. Set up a customer account.
  3. Configure the Proactive Systems Management Web portal.
  4. Download the Proactive Systems Management proxy.
  5. Identify the systems to be monitored.


If you have technical questions about Proactive Systems Management, please refer to the Deployment Guide or the Frequently Asked Questions document.

For additional assistance, please call Dell Technical Support in your country and request support for Proactive Systems Management.