How do I enable a printer in AIX?

  • Log into the server as root
  • Enable the UV print queue:
usa +o -p lp1
  • Enable the AIX print queue:
enable lp1
  • Check the status of the print queue:
lpstat -plp1
  • If the status is stuck in SENDING, run fixq, press ENTER followed by the printer name (ie: lp1):
  • If these commands do not work, it may be necessary to “power cycle” (unplug device from power and plug it back in) the printer AND print server, then repeat the commands above such as “enable lp1” or “fixq”.

You may want to try to “ping” the printer.  From the server, you can type “ping lp1” or from your PC, you can type “ping 192.168.x.x” (substitute the actual IP address for the printer). If you cannot ping the printer, check that the IP is correct, check the switch, cable, etc.  If you cannot ping the printer, it will never print from Eclipse.

Sometimes there is a job “stuck” in the queue that needs to be removed so the rest can print. This will often show up with a job stuck in “sending” when you run this command: lpstat -plp1 (lp1 is an example). You can cancel the job with the following command:

cancel (job number)


Queue   Dev   Status    Job Files              User         PP %   Blks  Cp Rnk
------- ----- --------- --- ------------------ ---------- ---- -- ----- --- ---
lp13    @lp13 SENDING    51 STDIN.46158        root                   4   1   1
              QUEUED    161 STDIN.7472         root                   4   1   2
cancel 51
To cancel all jobs on lp13, you can type: cancel lp13

How to I remove an OS user from Linux?

Warning: As always, please exercise caution when performing system maintenance, especially when initiating processes that can potentially delete data.

Locking a User Account

In most cases, there is no reason to remove an OS user. It is better to simply lock down the account to prevent any future login.

Remove User